[Mono-list] executable on MAC OS X?

Scott scott@budomail.com
Thu, 8 Jul 2004 12:34:14 +0100

> I just compiled helloworld.cs on my MAC OS X machine
> and to my surprise I ended up with a .exe file...
> Not quite what I was expecting...
> How do I get a mac executable?
> Or am I supposed to use the netmodule... If so how...
> Am I suppose to start a server to do this?

Hi Brian,

The .exe file is the executable file format across all platforms that
implement the .NET runtime, even for the Mac / PPC, so you've ended
up with the correct type of file there.

To run it at the command line on OS X you can simply type:

mono helloworld.exe.

Like java programs the executable you've made could be
transferred from the Mac to a Linux PC for example,
and it will still execute, and vice versa.


-- Scott