[Mono-list] executable on MAC OS X?

Darren Martz darren@shelbrook.com
Thu, 8 Jul 2004 19:15:50 -0700

I think there was a discussion about having a more OS native headers
structure but some it became obvious very quickly that it was not possible
with portability and compatibility in mind. It does make me wonder if an OS
specific utility could be developed to convert an exe-file to a native OSX
app type IF the developer wants it. 

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> I just compiled helloworld.cs on my MAC OS X machine and to my 
> surprise I ended up with a .exe file...
> Not quite what I was expecting...
> How do I get a mac executable?
> Or am I supposed to use the netmodule... If so how...
> Am I suppose to start a server to do this?

Hi Brian,

The .exe file is the executable file format across all platforms that
implement the .NET runtime, even for the Mac / PPC, so you've ended up with
the correct type of file there.

To run it at the command line on OS X you can simply type:

mono helloworld.exe.

Like java programs the executable you've made could be transferred from the
Mac to a Linux PC for example, and it will still execute, and vice versa.


-- Scott

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