[Mono-list] Re: Bootstrapping

Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU
Thu, 8 Jul 2004 23:38:30 +0200

Hey all,

> There is no possibility whatsoever that Microsoft could have injected
> a trojan into the DotGNU Portable.Net (pnet) system, since building
> pnet does not require already having a C# compiler or a "corlib".

Maybe Intel and AMD put a Trojan in it's proc, so I wouldn't be touching a

Why the heck does it matter if MS inserted a Trojan... there's nothing in it
for them, only a downside when they get caught...

There's enough of this paranoid crap in the mailinglist, you could read that
instead of starting again...

-- Rob.