[Mono-list] Re: [monodevelop] Can't run monodevelop/monodoc on suse 9

Tizio Incognito tizioincognito@tiscali.be
Thu, 08 Jul 2004 16:52:17 +0200

Etienne Boucher said the following on 08/07/2004 16.40:

>Did you to su and then type monodevelop into a console? That's my problem
>after having installed Mono from Red-Carpet, I have to be root to use it.
>Etienne Boucher
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Uhm.. I must try this.
In case it will work, how can I make my default account root 
(permanently)? I know security implications of this, but I also noticed 
that without being root, I can really do few things... I think there 
could be a way, like I'm administrator under Win with my account. Is it 
like Win, where I have to add my account into the administrators group?

Tizio Incognito