[Mono-list] Re: Bootstrapping

Brandon Knitter knitterb@blandsite.org
Thu, 8 Jul 2004 07:38:04 -0700

> The Microsoft csc C# compiler is written in C++, so there are no
> bootstrapping issues.
> Mono's mcs C# compiler was written in C#, and originally compiled with
> csc.  So csc was the original bootstrap compiler, but now a previous
> version of the C# compiler is used.  For example, the Mono 0.97 compiler
> could be used to compile the Mono 1.0 compiler.

If the original Mono mcs C# compiler was written and compiled on a Windows
machine, how did it get ported to Linux?  Was there some sort of wine or
wine-ish runtime used to execute csc on Linux to compile the first mcs?

Also, how does this initial bootstrapping binary play out for other platforms? 
When porting to each target platform, will a similar bootstrapping binary have
to be compiled so that the larger mcs compiler can be built?  Who's going to
maintain those?