[Mono-list] XSP on OS X ?

manu manu@air2rien.ch
Mon, 5 Jul 2004 21:32:33 +0200

Hi all,

Mono 1.0 is great ! Cheers to all!

Does anybody have this problem with OS X ? I get a 
"U_FILE_ACCESS_ERROR" with xsp and mod_mono ?
(everything goes fine with the same config on a Debian port)

kryptos:~/Desktop/monodoc-1.0/browser/web manu$ mono /usr/bin/xsp.exe
Adding applications '/:.'...
Registering application:
     Host:          any
     Port:          any
     Virtual path:  /
     Physical path: /Volumes/Users/manu/Desktop/monodoc-1.0/browser/web 
(I tested with several differents path)
Listening on port: 8080
Listening on address:
Root directory: /Volumes/Users/manu/Desktop/monodoc-1.0/browser/web
Hit Return to stop the server.

(here I load http://localhost:8080)

** Message: : u_strToLower error: U_FILE_ACCESS_ERROR

** ERROR **: file exceptions-ppc.c: line 930 (ves_icall_get_trace): 
assertion failed: (ji != NULL)
Abort trap