[Mono-list] Re: P/Invoke IntPtr versus byte[]

Tim Rädisch tim.raedisch@udo.edu
Sat, 3 Jul 2004 23:02:27 +0200

> Is there some particular reason that you do not know the type in advance?
> It would be easier if you could do that because you would then be able to
> write a precise signature for the P/Invoke method.
That's not possible. In detail: this is for an OpenGL-Method, and the array 
can be e.g.
	height x width x 3 - byte array; e.g. RGB
	height x width x 1 - float array; e.g. alpha
	height x width x 4 - float array; e.g. RGBA
and so on .... 

Via additional call parameters OpenGL is informed about the array structure.

> By the way, is mdArray a field or local variable?
In the original programm it is a field in my test program a local variable at 
the moment, but it was there a field too.