[Mono-list] Mono and SFU

Dave Rivera mithril@sanctuaryshard.com
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 13:31:49 -0500

A couple questions just so I am clear on a couple points of note:

1) mono ( the runtime ) is the only part that needs to be compiled with a C
compiler, correct?  Or are there some parts that I'm missing that also need
to be compiled via C?

2) In initially thinking about it, my first urge would be to use nant as the
build mechanism.  Any foreseeable problems anyone can think of with this
approach?  Obviously it would mean requiring the MS.NET framework to be
installed on the host machine, but you require that now anyway I believe.

-Dave Rivera
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I had been thinking along the same lines.  Unfortunately, my skills with
makefiles is not real great, but will certainly look into the possibility.
Being a windows programmer, and not much of a linux one, means I havn't
delved much into linux makefiles and such  :)  But I will certainly see what
I can do, or if anyone else wants to give it a go.

-Dave Rivera
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On 01/28/04 Rohit Sharma (Mahindra British Telecom) wrote:
> There is no definition of tm_gmtoff in SFU's time.h... to give a shot
> porting you can comment out the code tm.tm_gmtoff=1 from the configure
> file.
> checking for tm_gmtoff in struct tm... yes --->  may break the
> dependency though later some time.

On windows that configure check should not be reached.
You should get a warning like:
	*** Please add $host to configure.in checks!
Where $host is the platform ident the script figures out it's running
under: you should patch configure.in to support it and make it set
platform_win32=yes in that case.
SFU, just like cygwin, should be used only to handle the build
(configure, make, gcc etc.), not as the execution environment.
For the same reason, I think it would be even easier if some windows
programmer set up a makefile or project file or whatever they use with
common compiler on windows so that neither cygwin nor SFU are needed.
The makefiles in mono change rarely enough that updating such file once
in a while would not be a problem and it would spare some of the pain
for many windows programmers, I guess.


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