[Mono-list] Debian Package + LibApache Mod_mono

Pablo Fischer pablo@pablo.com.mx
Tue, 27 Jan 2004 22:11:56 -0600

Hi Stuart!

El mar, 27-01-2004 a las 15:54, Stuart Ballard escribió:
> I found out why this was failing: my /tmp/mod_mono_server already 
> existed and was owned by a different user, so mod-mono-server.exe didn't 
> have permission to delete it.
Heheh .. :)

> I'm now having some problems with mcs that I'd love to test against a 
> newer version, but libapache-mod-mono conflicts with mono-cvs and 
> company. Are you working on 0.30 versions yet?

I'm going to work officialy in the libapache and xsp packages, official
and snapshot versions. And also, I'm going to maintain the snapshot
versions of mono and mcs, in the last days we (mono debian package team)
found many problems trying to maintain/build two versions of mono/mcs,
the official ones and the snapshot ones.

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> Thanks,
> Stuart.
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