[Mono-list] mod_mono: embedded asp.net tags et al.

Christopher Holst ch.linux@gmx.at
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 16:08:04 +0100

I hope this is the right list I'm posting to with my problem. Is there a
special list for mod_mono ?

I'm currently trying to get a quite large asp.net application to run on
linux with mod_mono/xsp/apache, but I'm facing some problems :(

The two main problems are:

- embedded asp.net tags
in the iis/MS.NET version we're using embedded tags like e.g.
"<table width="100%" height="100%" border=0 <%= (sc.IE5 ? "class=tableIE" :
"class=table") %>>"
The errormessage I get is "Error message: expecting '>'. Got '<' ".
As this works with MS.NET I suppose this is a bug in Mono ?

- object tags in global.asax
In the global.asax file of the application we have the following line which
apparently is ignored:
"<object id="sf" runat="server" scope="session"
class="MyNameSpace.Business.SessionContainerFactory"  />"
It seems that every call on sf.MyVariable does not work.

- a general question regarding mod_mono and xsp
Is it correct that I need both the XSP webserver and the mod_mono apache
module ? I got the whole thing to work when proceeding as it was described
in the INSTALL file of the xsp tar.gz, but the little I know about apache is
that *normally* you only load a module (like mod_php) and this provides all
new functionality. Is there something I got wrong or does mod_mono need this
"special" treatment ?

Thx 4 your comments,
Best Regards,