[Mono-list] Assembly.LoadFrom() - Assembly.CreateInstance() - Activator.CreateInstanceFrom() ---> invalid cast

Timothy Parez timothyparez@linux.be
Sun, 25 Jan 2004 20:04:03 +0100


This isn't mono specific, but there're a lot of smart people in this 
list so here I go :)
Something simular is probably in the Mono sources but I don't really get it

I'm trying to load DataProviders at runtime (defined by XML files which 
are in the ..\plugin directory of the application)

First I would like to know what the difference is between

Assembly.CreateInstance() and Activator.CreateInstanceFrom()
As far as I can see they both to the same even though one is in the 
reflection namespace and the other in the remoting namespace.

Second this code I can't get to work:

Assembly DataProvider;
DataProvider = Assembly.LoadFrom(@"bytefx\ByteFX.Data.dll");
object dbConnection = 
MessageBox.Show(dbConnection.ToString()); // Outputs: 
IDbConnection dbConn = (IDbConnection)dbConnection; // This throws an 
exception --> Invalid cast

But MySqlConnection implements IDbConnection, it really does :)

I also tried this instead:
            object conn = Activator.CreateInstanceFrom( 
            IDbConnection dbConnection = (IDbConnection)conn;

This has exactly the same result, the message box shows the right name, 
but I get an invalid cast in the next line.

How can I solve this ?