Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 12:06:48 +0100

On 01/22/04 Chris Wertman wrote:
> I have sent now 3 messages to the list admins and one to the list itself.

Then why only one of them is in the archived mono-list-admin mailbox?
Maybe you sent the other mails to the wrong address? Your only mail
(on Jan, 20) received a reply the same day (well, at least in my timezone)
and your server got it:
== server log ==
Jan 20 17:20:33 luna postfix/smtp[10472]: 14F302EF94:
to=<cwertman@webchamps.com>, relay=[], delay=7,
status=sent (250 OK, Submitted & queued (50952ecd.in))
== server log ==

In the mail you asked for instructions and I sent you the
http://lists.ximian.com/mailman/listinfo/mono-list address where you can
find instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing. Maybe you also need
to read mail, not only send it, especially when you ask for information.
Since you apparently don't read your email or can't read instructions on
a web page, I did you a favour and unsubscribed you from the list.

> How do I get the F*** off this list !?!?!?!?

Thank you for your precise accounting of the facts and your polite



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