[Mono-list] Wrong information in page http://www.go-mono.org/testing.html

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 15:28:03 -0200

The paragraph that appears as:

"The directory that will contain your new file depends on the 
assembly/namespace of the class for which you are creating the tests. Under 
mcs/class there is a directory for each assembly. In each assembly there is 
a Test directory, e.g. mcs/class/corlib/Test. In the Test directory there 
are sub-directories for each namespace in the assembly, e.g. 
mcs/class/corlib/Test/Sytem. Put your new test file in the appropriate 
sub-directory under Test for the class you are testing. Once all of that is 
done, you can do a 'make test' from the top mcs directory. Your test class 
will be automagically included in the build and the tests will be run along 
with all the others."

Is incorrect or imprecise, because I needed to manually edit 
Microsoft.VisualBasic_test.dll.sources to add my new test file in the 

Am I missing some unwritten setp, or truly one needs to manually edit the 
sources file?

Thanks for any help and corrections to the page,

Rafael Teixeira
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