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You do not need a Windows server to use ODBC on Linux or Unix.

Which ADO.NET providers can you use on Mono on Linux? Answer, all of the
Mono providers.  If there is an ODBC driver for unixODBC or iODBC, you will
be able to connect via Mono's System.Data.Odbc.

For ODBC, you do need either unixODBC or iODBC installed.

The ODBC driver you use may or may not require client libraries.

To connect to a remote or local Oracle database from Linux, you need the
Oracle client software locally on your computer.  You can download it from

The only way I know of connecting to Access via Mono is either of the
    - use the System.Data.OleDb provider via libgda from
    - use GDA# which is part of GTK#.  GDA# is C# bindings to libgda.

libgda has a driver to MDB Tools which provides access to Access.  MDB Tools
can be found at http://mdbtools.sourceforge.net/
However, MDB Tools is read only.

I'm not sure about Excel.

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Hi!. Since I couldn´t install Mono on my Linux machine, I'd like you to
help me with that question:
Is it possible to make an ODBC connection from a Mono-Linux server
without the need for a Windows Server?
I mean, is It possible to connect equally to an Oracle database and an
Access or Excel datasources from within linux?
Or would I need anyway the Windows Server with the appropiate ODBC
controller installed to make the bridge?

If so... What DataProviders, apart or MySQL, are possible to use in an
only Linux environment?
Thank you very, very much.
Alejandro Ospina.

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