[Mono-list] New Year, New Debian Packages

NÚstor Salceda wizito@gentelibre.org
Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:07:17 +0100

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El lun, 12-01-2004 a las 04:50, Pablo Fischer escribi=C3=B3:
> Hello!
> Like I promised to everyone, the Debian Packages are finally out :),
> also, some points:
> * These releases are ONLY for unstable users
> * I released two versions: =20
>  * .28, with mono, mcs, xsp and libmono =20
>  * cvs (20040111), with mono and mcs. I hope tomorrow night finish the
> xsp and libmono packages
> Where?, yes, here:http://debian2.pablo.com.mx/unstable/
> By now these packages are in a RH server, this week I'm going to have
> them in a Debian server, so users may download them with apt-get.
> And I promise to release every two weeks a new CVS version :)
> Thanks for all the people that helped me with these packages!
> Pablo Fischer

	Thanks you Pablo.  :)
N=C3=A9stor Salceda (aka WiZiTo)=20

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