[Mono-list] Updating or Redoing go-mono.net

Tom Cabanski tcabanski@OAI.cc
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 10:49:37 -0600

I assume I should be filing Mono bugs in your Bugzilla, right?

Actually, I've already gotten a couple of great fixes from Atsushi Eno =
based on bugs I filed in Bugzilla that have helped me past problems.

I assume it would make sense to post issues with FAQs or other =
documentation bits there as well.

Does that make sense?

Tom Cabanski
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=A0 Where should bugs be filed?

On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 12:53 -0600, Tom Cabanski wrote:=20
That's the plan.  I will be posting bugs and/or patches as we proceed.

We also plan to do an article on the porting effort once we are done,
possibly for publication but certainly for our website.  We'll send a
copy to mono list when we are done.


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> We quickly discovered some issues in Mono 0.29's schema support.  I
> posted on this list and somebody quickly jumped in with a patch.  I
> think everyone can guess what came next -- 3 days of frustration as I
> worked through old and incorrect procedures documented in the Mono
> handbook as well as the Faq.  Finally, someone posted a message that
> contained a step by step procedure, which was 95% correct.  I finally
> got Mono to build on day 4 and was able to return to my porting work.

Can you point us to the Mono Handbook and the FAQ errors so we can
correct them? =3D20

As things change quickly, we have not had a chance to update everything
that references this mistaken information.

> What's needed even more than a technical or graphic reworking of the
> site is primarily editorial in nature.  Old, obsolete material needs
> be cleared away.  FAQ's need to lead you in the right direction.

Yup, that has been my request about the Monkeyguide on mono-docs-list a
few times.

Am tempted to remove the Monkeyguide from the Mono site until a serious
editorial pass has been done.

> Anyway, this list has been quite helpful to me.  The availability of
> Mono is also helping me reach (and sell) customers I would not
> be able to service.  I would be happy to help with the editorial work.
> Obviously, I would need lots of help from the much more knowledgeable
> developers that have made Mono what it is today.
> Meanwhile, I need to go work on my Mono port :-)

If you could start posting bug reports to this list, with concrete urls
that are wrong, that would be a fantastic step.


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