PetShop.Net and Mono/XSP (was: [Mono-list] Mono Success Stories?)

Christian Birkl
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 21:38:08 +0100

> Hello,
>	This is great news, is there any chance I could get a tarball
>     or read access to your CVS? 
> Jackson


	export CVSROOT=:pserver:guest@
	cvs login (password is 'guest')
	cvs checkout petshop

The MySQL DML and DDL scripts are in Database/PetShop_MySQL_*.sql, just
drop them into your favourite mysql client. All you have to do is to
change Web.config and choose which DatabaseType you want to use,

		<add key="DatabaseType"
value="PetShop.Components.MySqlDatabase" />

		<add key="DatabaseType"
value="PetShop.Components.MsSqlDatabase" />

But for MySQL just a few stored procedures a yet translated, but basic
browsing through the pet archives and creating/modifing/ordering a
shopping cart work (not with mono/xsp yet though 8(...)