[Mono-list] PATCH: ignore upper case in System.Text.RegularExpressions

Francois Beauchemin beauche@softhome.net
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 15:11:07 -0500

Hi !

>this is my first attempt at fixing bugs #45966 and #45976, so i'm
You taken me by speed :)  I wanted to fix them as a part of our work in 
the Il-based Regex engine. Me and my friend ( Eric Durand-Tremblay) will
do this as a University project.

>- does anyone know of a test suite of regexp tests done for another
>language? any language would do as long as the tests are fairly
>complete. i would like to update RegexTest.cs (hopefully that's our unit
>test for this subsystem) but unfortunately my knowledge of regexps is 
Again, we want to extend this test suite before begening the works on 
the IL-based regex ( so we can familiarize with the code in this 
namespace.)  Eric has already posted a benchmark on Mono-Devel-list

Tanks for the patch, I will test it this week.