[Mono-list] Updating or Redoing go-mono.net

Tom Cabanski tcabanski@OAI.cc
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 08:48:05 -0600

I rather agree that the Mono site needs some updating based on a
changing audience.  I am a great example.  I've been quite interested in
Mono for some time as I distribute a .NET toolkit to help ISVs that
target the print industry automate workflows and information transfer
between systems using the JDF standard.  We killed our Java port because
I believed Mono would give us a way to extend our reach onto other
platforms.  Long story short, we started the port to Mono in earnest
this week.  We're working with Mono on Windows as that is what we have
on our desks.

We quickly discovered some issues in Mono 0.29's schema support.  I
posted on this list and somebody quickly jumped in with a patch.  I
think everyone can guess what came next -- 3 days of frustration as I
worked through old and incorrect procedures documented in the Mono
handbook as well as the Faq.  Finally, someone posted a message that
contained a step by step procedure, which was 95% correct.  I finally
got Mono to build on day 4 and was able to return to my porting work.

What's needed even more than a technical or graphic reworking of the
site is primarily editorial in nature.  Old, obsolete material needs to
be cleared away.  FAQ's need to lead you in the right direction.  Broken
links need to be fixed.  Some of the incorrect information in README
files and obsolete build scripts needs to be removed from CVS or at
least marked in some way as being obsolete.  A good programmer with
limited knowledge of the Mono project should be able to go to a FAQ,
follow instructions and be reasonably assured of having a working build
in a matter of a day or less.  Certainly, you'll need areas for those
the 1.0 release as well. =20

Anyway, this list has been quite helpful to me.  The availability of
Mono is also helping me reach (and sell) customers I would not otherwise
be able to service.  I would be happy to help with the editorial work.
Obviously, I would need lots of help from the much more knowledgeable
developers that have made Mono what it is today.

Meanwhile, I need to go work on my Mono port :-)

Tom Cabanski
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> "Most ambitious would be to put the site entirely into ASP.NET, making
> it a showcase for Mono software"
> IMHO :)
> This is absolutely critical, and has been a point of contention for
> time.  By not using your own product, you are telling everyone that
> the developers can't get it to work on there production site.  To
> a basic port and a little cleanup shouldn't be an unrealistic project
> for the talent that in floating around on this project.
> "Please move the Mono site to Mono/ASP.NET!" =20

No, that has not been the contention issue.

The issue has been that we need:

	a. A new design that can serve the different needs that we have,
	   starting with defining the audience, the layout and its

	b. Design graphically a site that would include support for
	   audiences defined above, roughly: Installing Mono, Using
	   Developing with Mono and The Development of Mono.

	c. Someone to oversee the integration of the few pieces of
	   content that we have.

In fact, today the Mono web site *uses* ASP.NET, just not on the front

So you are wrong in that there is any issue using ASP.NET, we just have
not had anyone who can do (a), (b) and (c) other than what I have done.


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