[Mono-list] Quake 2 ported to .net, can it be ported to mono C#?

Cesar Mello cmello2@terra.com.br
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 09:09:42 -0200

Hi Joeri!

The code is plain C, compiled with the MS C++ compiler targeting the 
CLR. As there is no C compiler for Mono yet, the code would need to be 
ported to C#. That would be a big rewrite and wouldn't be easy, but it 
would be really great if someone do this. It would be a very nice benchmark.

The drawing code is implemented with native calls to DirectDraw, but it 
could be ported to xlib or something faster. This wouldn't be difficult.

Best regards,

Joeri Belis wrote:

>According to the site, it is completely managed code ( c++ managed )
>Could a port to mono/C# be possible?
>Just wondering
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