[Mono-list] Beta testers wanted: Linux installer.

Michael Ott Michael Ott <michael@zolnott.de>
Wed, 7 Jan 2004 20:59:01 +0100

Hello Miguel!

go-ximian: 1.0 (Mon Jun  9 15:09:08 EDT 2003)

First I'm going to verify your RPM database.  Pre-existing problems
with your database could cause the Ximian Installer to fail, possibly
leading to system corruption.  This should only take a few seconds.

I've detected a possible problem with your RPM database.  I'm going to
try and repair the database, using the `rpm' command.  This may take a
few minutes to complete.  I'm also going to keep a full log of
everything I do in /var/cache/redcarpet/rpm-rebuild.log.

If you'd rather examine the database yourself, please press Control-C;
otherwise, just hit ENTER.

I was unable to repair your RPM database; please examine

For further assistance, please contact <distribution@ximian.com>.

Cleaning up temporary files... done.

D: rebuilding database /var/lib/rpm into /var/lib/rpmrebuilddb.3478
D: creating directory /var/lib/rpmrebuilddb.3478
D: opening old database with dbapi 3
D: opening  db index       /var/lib/rpm/Packages rdonly mode=0x0
D: closed   db index       /var/lib/rpm/Packages
D: opening db file        /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm mode 0x0
D: closed  db file        /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm
error: cannot open Packages index
D: removing directory /var/lib/rpmrebuilddb.3478

Using debian and SID
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