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A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 11:26:29 -0200

>From: Sanira M <sanira_m@yahoo.co.in>
>Hello Sir
>Please spare your minutes in reading and replying this mail
>Iam a student from India.I tried downloading the mono source code and tried 
>to compile the compiler.csproj that resides in the mcs folder.
>I got an error saying "Unable to open cs-parser.cs"
>How should i generate the cs-parser.cs from cs-parser.jay?
>Please reply.'Coz i need the compiler.
>Awaiting your reply

That csproj there is outdated, because most people in mono don't use VS.NET. 
You have to use the makefile instead, that will call jay to generate 
mb-parser.cs from mb-parser.jay and them compile the compiler using csc (in 
windows). For that you'll need cygwin, because jay will have to be compiled 
with gcc, before it can be used and cygwin's make deals better with our 
makefiles than microsoft's one.

If all of that doesn't make sense for you, you could simply download a 
precompiled mcs (get the latest monolite file from http://go-mono.com/daily/ 
and extract mcs.exe) or the windows installer 

Also in the future post such questions to the mono list 
(mono-list@ximian.com), because there more people can help you.

Best regards,

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