[Mono-list] Mono on OS/X Information - Boehm GC

Steve Mentzer steve@mudflapsoftware.com
Tue, 6 Jan 2004 23:06:05 -0800

I was poking around on the boehm-gc mailing list in an effort to get  
some information about the darwin/ppc/boehm problems that are  
preventing mono from fully utilizing it.

In a nutshell, several major commits were made ~ dec 16th, which  
apparently correct a number of issues.

The incremental collector is still flaky, but according to hans boehm  
and a number of other developers, darwin/ppc support is pretty solid  
under 10.2->10.3.

There are a few caveats dealing with the use of pthreads and the  
mandate that the main executable call GC_INIT() before any dylibs do.  
But there is much more  in the .readme info for the release, which can  
be found here...


I have rebuilt mono from cvs with gc enabled (when ./configure (ing), i  
get GC: yes at the end), but I am not seeing vm size decreases  
consistent with any level of GC activity..

Besides performing a ./configure --with-gc, what steps are necessary to  
ensure that the new release of the boehm-gc is being used? I did  
compile it, and it successfully installed server .dylib's in