[Mono-list] Precompilation on a VB Application

Piyush, Garyali (IE10) Piyush.Garyali@honeywell.com
Thu, 1 Jan 2004 06:41:40 -0700

Hello everybody, 

Does the -O=precomp on a VB application have some known
problems because while I was doing it using the latest CVS
code on my Linux/x86 machine, I got the following exception:

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was
thrown by the type initializer for System.Net.MonoHttpDate --->
System.ArgumentException: An invalid argument was specified.
in (unmanaged) /usr/local/lib/libmono.so.0(mono_raise_exception+0x1c)
in (unmanaged) /usr/local/lib/libmono.so.0 [0x400b5340]
in <0x00084> System.Globalization.CultureInfo:Construct (int,string,bool)
in <0x00098> System.Globalization.CultureInfo:.ctor (string,bool)
in <0x000b6> System.Net.MonoHttpDate:.cctor ()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---