[Mono-list] Why is mono so difficult????

Christoph Eisenmann dl4gbe@hotmail.com
Thu, 01 Jan 2004 08:10:52 +0000


a few days ago, i downloaded mono and mcs from your homepage. Compiling and 
was no joy (missing files like bytefx.snk) But, OK fixed it. The mono seems 
to work.
OK, so I would like to run a small test program. Nothing exiting. A form 
a button which pops up a message box "Good By Cruel World!"

I am aware that this task is not so easy. Sure  how can mono handle 
You need windows to do that, I do not have windows, but I got wine. (At home 
on my
computer I got only Linux, at work I got all this $Microsoft, but that's in 
So I found a directory in mcs /mcs/class/System.Windows.Forms. Oh, and it 
got a README.
I always read this kind of files. README says start wine by calling 
makes sense, try to embed mono into an win32 executable. Needless to say I 
can not
find monostub.exe.so. But I found a WINELib directory which contains 
The README says just enter "make" in the WINELib, which does not make too 
much sense
because thw WINELib directory does not contain any Makefile. Ok, I thought 
not such
a big deal, just run winemaker on the monostub.c which sure also fails 
because I can just
compile, but not link undefined reference 'mono_jit_init' Sure now I try
to find out in which library contains this function. Or does it make sense 
I mean. After I find this out, the next problem will accure for sure. I 
guess it will be
a neverending story!!! Downloading things here takes forever. I am in 
Vietiane just now, one
of the poorest countries on gods earth, we do not have good Internet, every 
download is
a pain... OK I am thinking about downloading an rpm instead of source. :-(

I am just a windows programmer. Making my living working as an ordinary 
Visual Basic, VB.NET
programmer in a pharma company. Sure I like the idea to have .NET on linux. 
Sure I would like to run my programs on linux. Sure I would like to get 
involved in your project.

But, it seems what nothing really works. Is it so hard to include a makefile 
a configure or
something for monostub.c. Is it so hard to write some help for your mono_ 
For example where to find the necessary libs?

I am not a guy who complains fast. For two days I am trying to get as much 
as possible
information about mono!

A little bit very disappointed!!!



Happy new Year anyway Happy 2547 (We are a little bit ahead of time here 

Vietiane, People Democratic Republic of Laos
Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand

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