[Mono-list] Getting System.Drawing to work and a windows.forms question

blue fire blu_fire@hotmail.com
Fri, 27 Feb 2004 22:20:10 +0000

I'm a C#/C++ programmer who joined the Linux scene a few months ago.
I always need to use System.Drawing, and have to keep going over to my 
windows box to do so. It's a bit annoying, having to use windows for that 
one thing. I recently saw in some article or other that you can use it on 
Mono, so I googled for a bit looking for information.
I have gathered that I need GDI+, but am at loss for where to get it. Once I 
have got it, I have no idea how to configure it so I can get it to work.. I 
could really use some help on this matter, both on how to configure and 
install it, and how to compile source code using System.Drawing.

I also have a small question about the Windows.Forms part of the mono 
Am I right in thinking that you can use windows.forms now, but through WINE? 
If so, will you need to use it through wine in the future, or will it be 
available built in to mono once it has been implemented?

Thanks for your time -

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