[Mono-list] Using Mono System.Xml with Compact Framework

Andrew Vardeman andrewv@iastate.edu
Fri, 27 Feb 2004 15:42:12 -0600


Here at work we're developing an app for the Compact Framework, and we were 
hoping to grab a chunk of Mono to get XPath functionality that's missing 
from the CF.  My original hope was that I could just reference Mono's 
System.Xml.dll from my CF project in VS.NET, but when I do this and deploy 
the app and the dll to my PocketPC, it bombs on startup with this error:

A native exception occurred.

ExceptionCode: 0x80000002
ExceptionAddress: 0x00df0e20

This seems to be because Mono's System.Xml.dll references the full 
System.dll rather than the CF version.  Does this sound correct?  On a 
quick glance through the System.Xml directories in my Mono source 
distribution, I didn't see any unmanaged code.  Or is this what I'd get if 
Mono tried to use a method not available in the CF?

I used a .NET assembly viewer to compare Mono's System.Xml.dll to the CF 
version to see if I spotted any obvious differences.  The only thing I 
could figure is that Mono's dll references a System.dll with this full name:

System.Xml, Version=1.0.3300.0, Culture=neutral, 

and the CF dll references:

System.Xml, Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, 

I guess my question is, would rebuilding Mono's System.Xml.dll against the 
CF libraries likely make everything magically work, or is my wild-stab 
guess way off the mark?  I admit that my understanding of the guts of 
Windows, the CLR, etc. is extremely limited.


Andrew Vardeman