[Mono-list] Any chance in the future...

Ben Maurer 05mauben@hawken.edu
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:24:02 -0500

The distinction between Program Files and the Windows/WINNT folder has =
always been blurry. It is one of the reasons why I need to format my =
windows computer every 2-6 months ;-).

However, from my use of windows, I really think this does not fit the =
typical pattern I see.

Generally, the files in the winnt folder seem to fall into one of the =
following groups:

1. Built in parts of the Windows operating system
2. Microsoft built, globally shared frameworks (eg, the VB runtime, VC, =
3. Deeply integrated programs (eg, virus scanners, the NetWare client, =
disk defragmenters).
4. Drivers

1 is clearly the design of the folder. For 2, it seems the pattern seems =
to be that they only inclue things that will be installed by default with =
later versions of Windows (for example, if your OS comes with VB5 runtime, =
you can get the vb6 runtime. A clearer example is the framework). 3 and 4 =
are not really in the scope of Mono.

A good example of a situation similar to ours is Java. I used a Sun =
runtime installer thing on my box, and it landed in Program Files.

Often, administrators will lock down the winnt folder much harder than =
they do program files (some programs still write settings to their own =
program files folder). Also, I would expect to see more built-in locking =
down of the folder in Longhorn.

Anyways, just my thoughts. I don't use windows that much, so I dont really =
care ;-).

>>> "Nick Berardi" <nberardi@zigamorph.com> 02/26/04 10:06 AM >>>
Hey guys,

Any chance in the future we will see Mono installed in a central location
like the Microsoft.Net framework is (i.e.
c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\).  Because it is really a framework =
it shouldn't be installed in the program files, because that will make any
program trying to find it difficult.  Because programs can be installed on
any drive Mono could exist anywhere on the system.  But if you were to
install it in %SYSTEM%\Mono\Framework\v0.30.1\ and so on for each version
there would be no problem telling what people had installed and programs
like NAnt can quickly find all versions of Mono on the system.

Just a thought if this is something that we may see in the future?


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