[Mono-list] Any chance in the future...

Nick Berardi nberardi@zigamorph.com
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:04:13 -0500

Hey guys,

Any chance in the future we will see Mono installed in a central location
like the Microsoft.Net framework is (i.e.
c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\).  Because it is really a framework and
it shouldn't be installed in the program files, because that will make any
program trying to find it difficult.  Because programs can be installed on
any drive Mono could exist anywhere on the system.  But if you were to
install it in %SYSTEM%\Mono\Framework\v0.30.1\ and so on for each version
there would be no problem telling what people had installed and programs
like NAnt can quickly find all versions of Mono on the system.

Just a thought if this is something that we may see in the future?