[Mono-list] RE: Running C# on Linux Server

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:10:14 -0300

Hi Sreenivas,

First of all, I think it's better to post such questions to a list where all 
people interested in Mono can help you not only me. I cc'ed this to the Mono 
main List (mono-list@ximian.com). Give them a chance to help you next time, 

>From: "Sreenivas  kaushik" <kash74@rediffmail.com>
>I have used datagrid in C# application (GUI) on Windows and i tried to run 
>the same application on Mono but i got the error saying that "Datagrid 
>library not found".

Checking our status-page for Windows Forms at 
http://www.go-mono.org/class-status-System.Windows.Forms.html , I saw that 
DataGrid is at most  62% implemented. Also the whole System.Windows.Forms 
implementation is unstable just now so I would recommend not to use it  
before it matures.

>I have installed GTK# also and i have System.Windows.Forms library but 
>still iam unable to run. Is there any library so that i can run my 

GTK# isn't needed to run System.Windows.Forms apps, but many other packages 
are (like Cairo). But again Mono's implementation of System.Windows.Forms 
isn't completed yet.

>And one more thing, is there any possibility of using the third party 
>controls like VSFlexGrid in Mono Environment.

For the general question the answer is: IF (BIG if, indeed) the third party 
controls are 100% Managed Code, and don't use System.Windows.Forms in an 
undocumented/non-portable way they possibly can run with Mono in Linux, but 
check if the license permits it (to run them outside of Windows & .NET).

Specifically for VSFlexGrid Pro you are out-of-luck as it is just an ActiveX 
control not a .NET Control. Mono won't support old-technology controls like 
that, because it costs too much in development (think we would have to 
duplicate lots of terrible COM/ActiveX support/interop code) and adds lots 
of potential bugs well-known in the COM world, as memory-leaks caused by 
circular references or unpaired calls into the reference-counting mechanism. 
You may have a better chance with Janus GridEX for .NET or Xceed Grid for 

Good developments,

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