[Mono-list] MacOS packages.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@novell.com
Tue, 24 Feb 2004 21:41:31 -0500


> On a fresh installation of OS X, /usr/local/bin is not in the path.  
> Everything lives in /usr/bin, including java, javac, php, ruby, and 
> python.  Based upon that, we have the option of installing Mono and 
> it's dep's into /usr/ /usr/local/ or /opt/.
> For the average user, installing it to /usr/ means that it will just 
> magically work.  The other alternative is to write a shell script to 
> alter the systemwide environment variables, but this would be 
> overwritten by every .x.x patch to the OS.  With the change to bash, we 
> could alter it for the terminal windows, but spawned tasks would not 
> have the correct environment by default.

If you remove the shared libraries for glib and gettext, you should be
able to get a build of Mono that does not depend on shared libraries, so
the installation could avoid distributing glib and gettext, it would
only be a build-time dependency.

I like the idea of using /usr myself.