[Mono-list] MacOS packages.

Bo Jordan bjordan@cornbreadtree.org
Tue, 24 Feb 2004 15:19:08 -0500

A native solution is definitely preferable.  Even if Fink/DarwinPorts 
solutions are available, there are many Mac developers who will be 
interested in Mono who aren't interested in becoming familiar with Fink.

I would also be interested in helping get together a full installer.  
However, if it's just creation of an easily-distributable dmg file that 
you need, the following link might be of interest, as it's very simple 
to programmatically create the dmg image and add files to it during your 
build:  http://www.aplawrence.com/Bofcusm/2011.html


Andy Satori wrote:

> This depends upon if you want a 'native' solution, or a Fink, or a 
> DarwinPorts solution.  I personally prefer native solutions, as they 
> don't require any 3rd party tools, but it means packaging all of the 
> dependancies as well.
> The native solution would be to build Package via the Apple Developer 
> Tools Package Builder, then place it in a disk image, gzip the image 
> and that's your installer.
> The other solutions require that either the Fink client or the 
> DarwinPorts tools be installed and then the user can use those 
> installation systems, which are more like the Linux RPM, or Apt Get 
> tools.  This is fine, but it puts things in funny locations, like 
> /sw/bin & /sw/lib or /opt/, making your documentation a little bit odd.
> I'd be happy to work on a full installer package if that's of 
> interest.  It's not to terribly complex, and it ties into my work on 
> integrating Mono (mcs) into XCode.
> Andy
> On Feb 24, 2004, at 1:44 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>>    Given that the Mono port for MacOS is progressing rapidly [1], I
>> would like the next release of Mono to be available as an easy-to-use
>> .dmg file.
>>    Can someone who understand this explain what do I have to do?
>> [1] the only missing feature am aware of is exception handling.
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