[Mono-list] Mono and Gentoo

Gustavo Ramos eureko@grmexico.com.mx
Sat, 21 Feb 2004 15:03:43 -0600


> Anybody using Mono and Gentoo?  I am currently installing the OS and I am
> curious what the base requirements are to run mono under Gentoo?  Do I need
> to install Gnome or just GTK?  

Works very smoothly... zero pain installation (of mono, gtk-sharp,
gtksourceview-sharp, monodoc, etc.). You maybe have to deal with the OS 
a bit, but it's the best thing i've ever used to stay up to date with
heavy development projects. i.e. You are always with the latest OS
version, and will never have to do a major upgrade (as opposed to the
painful 8.x to 9.x traditional path).

emerge will install what is needed, you don't have to care about it. I
mean, you don't have to worry about whether you'll have to install gtk,
gnome or whatever else libs you'll need.

Before you go updating live, do the same emerge command but using the
-pv options, as this will tell you what it will download, what will be
installed and what configure options will be used. If it happens that
you don't need an option (e.g. because it would otherwise download a lot
of things), simply deactivate:

USE="-unwantedoptionname" emerge -upvk mypackage

or to include a feature

USE="wantedoptionname" emerge -upvk gtk-sharp

Once you are satisfied with the things that will take place, remove the
p option:

USE="wanted -notwanted otherwanted -othernotwanted" emerge -uvk pkgname

For setting your options to default, change the USE line in make.conf,
but see make.conf(5) first.