[Mono-list] C# Unsafe Code (was evangelizing mono)

Fergus Henderson fjh@cs.mu.oz.au
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 18:50:31 +1100

On 18-Feb-2004, Richard Norman <Jazzynupe@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> it stands to reason that if you bypass the GC management and manipulation,
> you get "close to the metal" type of performance.

Not necessarily. 

There are other sources of overhead in current CLR implementations,
e.g. the costs of JIT compilation.

> V ?????t, 17. 02. 2004 v 11:59, Radu-Adrian Popescu p???Ĺ???e:
> > Like it or not, the JVM's performance is superior to that of the .NET 
> > VM,

You should be careful to qualify statements like that.
I doubt it is universally true.

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