[Mono-list] To draw or not to draw that is the question :)

Tiago Lima tiago.lima@vianw.pt
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:55:52 +0000


I've explored GTK and I saw that drawing in Gtk.DrawingArea involves using 
Gdk.Drawable which in turn requires learning some of Pango (?)... I guess 
Pango implements what I think it is the functionality of System.Drawing, no?
Now, I'am confused what library I should use to "draw"...
Should I use System.Windows.Forms (with Mono-wine or something?) or should I 
use GTK and use that Pango thing?

I dont know what is being made in this direction so I dont know what to do....

Another question is what should I use to do image manipulation (resize, 
chopping, do thumbnails, etc) in a server (in ASP.NET for example) without 
installing the whole X package ?

	Tiago Lima