[Mono-list] Announce: Nemerle 0.1.0 released

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists@theroughnecks.com
Tue, 17 Feb 2004 09:30:18 -0700

Seems interesting, at the very least, I like that objects can obtain
their type from the assignment itself, as well as being able to map
using statements to the class level, there are times where a class
within a class has been the easiest approach for me to do some things,
and this would definately be helpfull for that.

Nice work, will enjoy playing with it..

Michal Moskal wrote:

 > Nemerle
 > ~~~~~~~
 > We are pleased to announce the 0.1 release of Nemerle -- a new hybrid
 > (functional, object-oriented and imperative) programming language for
 > the .NET platform.
 > --snip-- <
 > This release includes complete source code (under a BSD-like license)
 > of the compiler and some sample programs (including a simple HTTP
 > server) and is mainly meant to be a preview for people wanting to
 > experiment with the language.
 > --snip-- <
 > Feedback
 > ~~~~~~~~
 > Any comments or questions regarding Nemerle are welcomed --
 > please use feedback@nemerle.org.

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