[Mono-list] evangelizing mono

Marcus mathpup@mylinuxisp.com
Mon, 16 Feb 2004 22:25:40 -0500

Also, I know that this is getting a bit off-topic, but as I recall, even 
old-fashioned OS's like VMS used special extensions for executables. (Did VMS 
used .COM or something else?)

On Monday 16 February 2004 4:25 pm, Gustavo Ramos wrote:

> If someone gets irritated with the ".exe" extension, just crop it and
> run "mono myprogram". I don't think this is a technical issue, just an
> anti-ms-ism. Well, but there's a good reason to leave the .exe extension
> there: That executable is multiplatform, and no changes or recompilation
> are needed to run it on windows. For ebay apps, surely the majority of
> the client deployment will be for windows clients. Anyways, if you
> develop it with C/C++/Pascal/Whatever, you'll have to deal with .exe's,
> unless you use javascript or any other scripting language.