[Mono-list] dllimport not working

Don Smith donsmith77@optonline.net
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:04:38 -0500

I have a piece of code that does this:

[DllImport("libots-1", EntryPoint="ots_parse_stream")]
static extern void ots_parse_stream( char [] text, size_t length, byte
[] doc);
                                                                               The library is in /usr/lib, I have tried all types of variations on the DllImport including adding the .so, and just using ots-1. /usr/lib is in both my LD_LIBRARY_PATH and MONO_PATH. I am using the ximian rpms for mono .30.
and no matter what I do I get this:
Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: libots-1
in <0x0005c> (wrapper managed-to-native) .samp:ots_parse_stream
in <0x0005e> .samp:Main ()

When I was using the DAG rpm's of mono .29 I got the same exception
unless the library was in the same directory as the exe. If I did that
then I would get an exception when the library would call another

What am I doing wrong?

please respond off list as I am not subscribed.