[Mono-list] Missing Feature in Mono

Paebbels Paebbels@Paebbels.net
Tue, 10 Feb 2004 00:38:20 +0100

Hi Go-Mono.org,

im a coder from Microsoft Windows world and fan of .NET.
I'm interessted in .NET programing under Linux, especialy a TCP 
Server/Client, witch user http protocoll for communication.

My question is, will there be a class named
to program an service ("deamon") or is there an other implementation?


P.S. i'm a german 18 years old boy with 6 years experience in languages 
       QBasic, VisualBasic 6.0, VB .NET, Java, PHP, HTML, C#, C, C++, 
Delphi 5.0, TurboPascal, ...

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