[Mono-list] ASP.NET on Mac OS X

Jonathan LaCour panix-lists@skinnee.net
Sat, 7 Feb 2004 15:11:39 -0500

I cannot seem to get ASP.NET working on Mac OS X 10.3.  I have compiled 
mono 0.30 successfully with garbage collection, and have also installed 
xsp 0.9.  When I run even the simplest ASP.NET application through xsp 
with mint (generally get a bus error with the JIT), I get the following 

	System.Configuration.ConfigurationException: Both web.config
	and Web.config exist for /()

I believe that this is related to the fact that the Mac OS X filesystem 
isn't truly case sensitive iirc.  It stores case, but doesn't appear to 
use it.

Is this a bug in mono, xsp, or am I just plain doing something wrong?  
If its a bug, please feel free to direct me on how to fix it myself.  I 
would be more than happy to contribute.

Thanks in advance!

   - Jonathan