FW: [Mono-list] Handling file paths for different operating systems

Adam Chester achester@bigpond.com
Sun, 8 Feb 2004 00:50:25 +1000

Sounds like a deployment issue to me, generating the correct plugin
directory default setting during your installation / setup process seems the
right thing to do.

Why would you want to copy an installation-dependant setting like this
between different operating systems anyway? How do you know the user has
installed at the same path?


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I'm wondering, if you have an application which uses a file path for one of
its setttings, for example in the .config file of the application there's an
<add key="PluginDirectory" value="")

Of course I could have an entry for each different OS, but that's not
exactly nice design, how can I write down a path in a universal way, or make
it so that it works on all systems

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