[Mono-list] Broken Port of FlexWiki

Jim Erwin mono@eyekahn.com
Fri, 06 Feb 2004 12:36:31 -0600

I looked on the mono contact page before sending this, and didn't see an
alternative place to send a broken file notice to, so I'm doing so here.

The link for original source of the FlexWiki on
http://www.go-mono.com/ports/ links to a file with zero length.
Gunzipping it gives you an error. Opening it with winzip unzips another
file with the same name FlexWiki.tar.gz. That file shows zero length.

I would like a chance to deploy this wiki as a demonstration of running
a farily full-featured asp.net application with mono and apache, but
since I can't get the source, it's making it difficult to do so. I also
think it would be a great example to look at concerning the differences
between deploying it via IIS and the .NET CLR VS Apache and the Mono

If somebody could fix this and post a notice to the fix, I would greatly
appreciate it.


Jim Erwin <mono@eyekahn.com>