[Mono-list] Status of WinForms?

Steven Beebe steve@xapware.com
Sun, 1 Feb 2004 14:57:36 -0700

I read Miguel's post from 1/1/2004 about WinForms being broken in Mono 0.29.

Are the issues resolved in CVS?  At this point, I'm running mono from the 
packages in Red Carpet, on a clean RedHat 9.0 install.  But would build mono 
from CVS if that would make a difference.

I am writing a chapter in a Windows .NET book on Mono and would like to 
include an example on WinForms (I've already done a console app, an ASP.NET 
app, and have WinForms and ADO.Net to do).

All I need to do is a simple form with a couple of labels, and a button.  I'll 
have a simple event handler for the onclick event of the button.  The error I 
get with the current versions install is "Failed to load 
library: ./libgdiplus.dll.so"


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