[Mono-list] Some general advice for a newbie, please

peter apvx95@dsl.pipex.com
Fri, 31 Dec 2004 18:35:22 +0000

Matt Nuzum wrote:

>On debian there are often two versions of a package, the foo and
>foo-dev, likewise redhat has foo and foo-devel. If you're compiling
>you need the -dev | -devel package, not just the foo package.  (I hope
>that makes sense).
>I don't know Suse, but if it's rpm based you can probabaly do this:
>rpm -qa | grep foo
>to see if you have both foo and foo-devel installed. Of course, you're
>not looking for foo, you're looking for cairo and it's ilk, so
>substitute the correct package names in place of foo.
Both are installed, Matt.

linux:/home/peter/downloads/mono/version1.1.3/libgdiplus-1.1.3 # rpm -qa 
| grepcairo

The problem line in configure is:

if pkg-config --atleast-version 0.1.22 cairo; then
        echo Cairo installation OK

Returns false at the command line as well.

I could comment the whole if statement out in configure, I suppose.  Is 
that a good idea?