[Mono-list] Some general advice for a newbie, please

Paul paul@all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Fri, 31 Dec 2004 16:53:02 +0000

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> > > System.Windows.Forms is not complete.  Not remotely complete.
> >=20
> > Actually, you're quite wrong there. In the development branch (and from
> > the last discussed on there), it was somewhere near 86% done.
> There's "complete" meaning "it works for me", and then there's
> "complete" meaning "it's being distributed so that mere mortals can use
> it." =20

No. There is complete meaning it's complete and not complete meaning
that it's not complete. There are varying grades of incomplete ranging
from very to hardly.

> Needing to run svn HEAD does *not* fulfill the latter definition,
> and the latter likely won't be reached until Mono 1.2 is complete.

I've not said that it won't be complete until the 1.2 release is made.

> Meaning ~Q2/2005, unless you're willing to run the development branch
> (which many are, but by no means all).

In my opinion, the more running the development version, the better - it
means bugs are found quicker and more get to use MWF and mono becomes
far more usable.

> > > You're attempting to run the 2nd-generation System.Windows.Forms
> > > implementation (Wine-based).  This has been discarded (it was too
> > > complicated), and work is going on to implement a 3rd version.
> >=20
> > It was not too complicated at all. The problem was winelib was in
> > constant flux, so it was akin to hitting a moving target all of the
> > time.
> I think this would qualify as "complicated." =20

Depends on how you qualify it. Unless you're using a machine gun (or an
automatic), you don't try to hit a fast moving vehicle as the chances of
hitting it are greatly reduced - it's the same here. Given the number of
developers active on SWF and the speed winelib changes, it is almost
like using a small cannon to hit a formula 1 car!

> As in "it's too
> complicated to easily reproduce this for mere mortals unless we ship our
> own version of winelib.exe.so, which will generate lots of complaints
> form users asking why they can't use their existing wine installation
> (or Crossover Office)."

Possibly. All that needs to be said is winelib for SWF is deader than a
skunk which was shot in the middle of summer, fell behind the shed, has
rotted quite a lot and finally slimed it's way back under the cabin. Any
problems you find with the precompiled versions of SWF will get the same
response - "winelib has gone, you will need to get hold of the newest
tarball and compile it yourself"


"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!"
- Life of Brian, Monty Python

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