[Mono-list] Some general advice for a newbie, please

Paul paul@all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Fri, 31 Dec 2004 11:28:08 +0000

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> This morning (being a little brighter than late last night) I did the=20
> obvious thing and tried to find winelib.exe.so anywhere on my hard=20
> disk.  It turns out that it's not there - so it's no surprise I get the=20
> error message I do ("Could not load winelib.exe.so").  In fact I=20
> couldn't find anything conforming to the pattern *winelib*.

winelib and mono is a non-starter completely. If you want SWF, grab one
of the tarballs and compile it up. It's really simple

> Am I missing something really obvious here?

Other than not to bother using winelib as it's been a dead duck for
quite a while now?

Instructions for compiling from a tarball or svn are available at
http://www.all-the-johnsons.co.uk/mono - use the menu on the left to
select how you want to compile it (programming->c#->)


"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!"
- Life of Brian, Monty Python

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