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I believe Zebra makes a line of thermal RFID printers for the labeling
side of things, and produces RFID readers with serial port access
(although any RFID reader with serial-port access would do). You might
need to find a cross-platform serial library, and work out the interface
protocol, but this doesn't strike me as something overly difficult.

The really hairy part, from a cross platform standpoint, would be
interfacing with the RFID label printer, as no platform agnostic method
exists to interact with a printer (as covered previously on this mailing

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Anyone know of a good place to start with RFID development.  I'm of=20
course interested in a .Net centric solution.  Though not necessary,=20
cross platform friendly would be nice (read: no P/Invoke into=20
proprietary Windows dlls).  With that said, however, Windows would be=20
my prime target.

Thanks for any help guys and thanks for all the hard work.  I'm now=20
developing ASP.NET across Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows seamlessly.  You=20
guys seriously rock!


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