[Mono-list] Portable way to print

matthieu Barthélemy mb.fbx@free.fr
Thu, 30 Dec 2004 09:33:42 +0000

Matthew Nuzum wrote:

>less expensive commercial libraries depend on Windows.forms and I don't
>know if that works well in Mono for this task. There are two free
>libraries on SF that support creating pdfs that work in mono. I can't
>remember what they are, but I believe one was a port of the java iText
>(correct?) library.
>I found them by going to sf.net and browsing through all the projects
>that were written in the C# programming language.
>Forgive me for being so vague... I'm going from memory. Of the two free
>libraries, one looked better for reports, the other looked like it was a
>bit easier to use.

I can confirm that the mentionned PDF library perfectly works with Mono ;
its name is iTextSharp and it is complete enough to do most of things 
you would have to.