[Mono-list] mono on ubuntu linux

Matt Nuzum matt@followers.net
Mon, 27 Dec 2004 10:09:49 -0500

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 10:59:56 -0300, Arx Henrique <arxcruz@gmail.com> wrote:
> anyone knows some mono ubuntu linux hoary repository or i must use
> debian repository ?

I'm using mono as installed from the tarballs. I'm using 1.0.4 without
problem. The only catch is this:

After untarring mcs-1.0... rename it to just mcs and make sure its in
the same folder you untarred mono to. ie.
# ls ./

I did ./configure --prefix=/usr

Watch the output of your ./configure - at the end of some of the
packages you'll see a list of features that will be enabled if you
continue with the build process. In order to enable many of the
optional features you'll have to use apt-get or synaptic to install
the -dev version of the package.

For example, you may have widget-foo installed but to get widget-foo
support into mono you have to install widget-foo-dev. If you install
widget-foo-dev support in Syanptic it'll handle the dependencies.
Re-run ./configure and the summary should have widget-foo support

I had to go through this process a number of times, but I have a
complete kit now.

I started out trying the packages from universe but they gave me much
grief ... too old. I also tried installing the FC2 packages using
alien but this too resulted in much grief. Actually, it was a big pain
becuase I had to find every little package that got intstalled from
the alien process and get rid of it, so I'd strongly urge you not to
do that.

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