[Mono-list] Mono open source accounting software

Pablo Baena Pablo Baena <pbaena@gmail.com>
Sun, 26 Dec 2004 05:07:03 +0000

Hello everybody! This was just to announce that there is a project on
sourceforge called mapuche , that has the intention to be a double
entry accounting system for the web, and the ultimate goal of becoming
an ERP system. I was doing it on .NET, but was running some parts of
it on Mono for other internal developments at the company I was
working on.

THe thing is, I was doing it mostly because I wanted to exercise my
.NET skills and to give something of value to some of the worker-taken
factories at my country, product of the economic crisis. But, sadly I
had to take care of my own needings, and just happened to find a PHP
job that gave me a more decent pay.

So, I just posted the latest snapshot on sourceforge, on
http://sourceforge.net/projects/mapuche/ and
http://sourceforge.net/projects/formscontrol/ and waited to have a
little time to do a decent web page and some documentation, but that
time never realized, so I'm making this lame announcement to see if
anybody is interested in continue with the project, so it just doesn't
die there.

THe idea was to have powerful javascript-rich interfaces for a fast
and dynamic user experience, without unnecessary page-reloads, and to
have most of the business logic on the database itself. The code was
planned to be reusable for any web projects, not only this particular

If you want, just check out the code and write to me if you are interested.

Sorry to be so vague about this, I'm really busy with life and work this days.

Pablo Baena